rushdB is online review software for greek rush. It was developed by Josh Carroll with faculty advisor Dr. Susan Davidson.
The Application
Project Poster
Project Writeup
Every year, fraternities and sororities in colleges all over the country host hundreds of freshman for rush. From this huge pool, the brothers and sisters must narrow down to a select few who are chosen as pledges. This process lasts a few weeks and involves a great deal of secrecy and information gathering. This ranges from the initial contact information to opinions and votes collected from brothers on potential pledges. Currently, this process is very time consuming and involves a great deal of paperwork, even on a campus with relatively small (30-40 members) Greek houses such as Penn. It certainly does not scale well on larger public universities with upwards of 200 members in a house.

A web application is an ideal solution for this problem. It can provide central data storage, as well as interfaces for viewing and altering it in various security domains. Users will be able to log on and view only the data that they have permissions for. The applicant pool can be populated through online submission and the popular social network Facebook. Members will be able to voice their opinion on particular applicants anonymously. This data will be viewable using several data views including Excel. No data will be accessible to users without the proper security credentials.