Mobile Project Tracking Application for BlackBerry

Jon Deokule

Faculty Advisor: Zachary Ives

Project Report || Project Poster



It is unarguable that technology, specifically software, has become an essential contributor to the bottom line of firms. However most products target large corporations and have few feasible and affordable solutions for smaller businesses. Two years ago I participated in the design and development of a job management program to manage the construction of new homes scaled and tailored to a small firm. It is built on a Lotus Domino database and has a front end user interface in Lotus Notes. However, this is a construction company where employees are frequently in the field with no access to a desktop client.


This project sought to mobilize the capabilities of this existing job management system by building a native application on the BlackBerry OS. The mobile client connects to the existing system and mirrors the functionality of its desktop counterpart. Issues specific to mobile development such as network issues, security, and integration in the existing system needed to be considered. Design Project 2009, CIS Department, University of Pennsylvania