How to Set Up the Synchronizer

  1. Compile Unison and Boomerang. This requires the OCaml compiler. If you would like to use the GUI for unison, the GTK+ library is also required. Platform-specific details can be found in the Unison and Boomerang downloads.
  2. Set up the two root directories that you wish to sync using unison. This is easily done using the Unison GUI. Alternatively, you can edit the preference file for that sync. A sample preference file can be found here.
  3. Download the provided lenses.
  4. To sync a calendar file, place the following line in your Unison .prf file:

    pmerge = Name *.ics -> boomerang sync Icaltocsv.synccal CURRENTARCHOPT CURRENT1 CURRENT2 NEWARCH NEW1 NEW2 -include [DIRECTORY OF LENSES]

    If you don't want to sync an specific event, put "⟨NoSync&rang" (without quotes) in the very beginning of the event description.
  5. To run the sync, simply type in the command line:

    unison [name of profile] -ui text

    and follow the on-screen instructions
  6. Refresh the application that your calendar file is associated with and you should see the changes!