LaTeX Codes used in the Project

Provided by Chin Isradisaikul, Class of 2009
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We are proud to let you know that every piece of materials presented here (except for HTML pages) was prepared in LaTeX, a document preparation system. You might be familiar with LaTeX as a document markup language which is useful for typesetting scientific documents that usually involve lots of mathematical expressions. As we demonstrate here, LaTeX is quite more powerful than you might imagine.

We use a lot of packages and external style definitions to make our documents look right and appropriate. For instance, hyperref package was used to add bookmarks, among other things, when the document was prepared in PDF format. An external style file was used for annotated APA-style bibliography. Figures were vector-scalable and drawn using TikZ package. We also used many other packages to set up paper size and margins, format caption font and style, add headers and footers, etc. These packages are available publicly.

For future use, especially by future CSE/CIS/CS/CE (or whatever) seniors, we have published relevant files here. The contents of the files are copyrighted to the authors of those documents, but feel free to refer to the formats and how to typeset a particular expression by looking at these codes. We hope this will be useful and helpful for students looking to typeset a document without thinking too much about formatting.

Some of the following files refer to package chinawat which we created for typesetting our documents in general. We reserve the right to publish it here; however, if you are interested in seeing the package definition, do not hesitate to contact us directly. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about these files in general.

Files That Might Interest You

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