Konstadinos Karayannis
University of Pennsylvania
CIS 400/401 Senior Design Project
Project Name: Evently
Faculty Advisor: Oleg Sokolsky

Final Paper (PDF)      Poster (PDF)     

Evently is a social application built for Google’s Android mobile OS that enables users to search for and create events that are displayed on maps. The appearance of the application on the device resembles Google Maps. The events are created by users exclusively on mobile devices. All events are publically available which means other users are able to browse the events posted, with a choice of using GPS data as input for their searches. They are able to filter the results with categories like “social”, “business”, “politics”, “sports”, “education”, “music” etc. When creating an event, the user has the option to enter an address or click on a point on the map when entering details about the event. When he enters an address the software tries to find the location on the map, in which case the user can either confirm that the location is correct or specify a new location manually. The devices’ GPS capabilities are important as the users are presented with events that are happening near them. Evently requires internet access in order to work.