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Students: Ju Tan & Jeff Petkun

Faculty Advisor: Mitchell P. Marcus


Stratego is a Computer Science Engineering senior design project by Ju Tan and Jeff Petkun for the 2008-2009 school year. The goal for this project was to provide fellow students and the academic community with an open-source desktop implementation of the popular board game STRATEGO.


Games are a challenging marriage of artificial intelligence with human interaction. This project implements an open-source desktop version of the popular board game STRATEGO with the ability to play against an AI bot in real-time.

The AI bot for STRATEGO is different from AI bots of other popular games, such as chess. In STRATEGO, players do not know the placement of their opponent's pieces until they are revealed during game play. Thus, the AI bot must decide moves at any given point based on both game play strategy and statistical analysis of attacking unknown opponent pieces. Also, this hidden identify feature lends itself for the potential for players to bluff. Thus, one challenge will be quantify and develop an AI bot that effectively accounts for such human characteristics while playing in real-time.


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