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  • Stephen Pike (
  • Jeffrey Weinstein (
Faculty Advisor:
  • Zachary Ives


AtLongLat ( lets users share their aggregated location, from many devices, with web services via a developer platform focused on privacy and security. Consumers can safely broadcast their location and control the granularity and availability of their data. Application developers can use a device independent query for accessing location filtered by the user’s privacy settings.

AtLongLat receives and stores user locations from devices and other sources. These sources are authenticated and registered to a user using a handshake mechanism. The web server calculates a location estimate using the provided aggregation algorithm. Applications are linked to a user by the same authentication mechanism. These applications can request a user’s location, subjected to the user’s privacy settings. Users may control when applications have access as well as location proximity. Settings are customizable on the application level. 3rd party application programming interfaces (APIs) are available for sources and applications to send and request data to and from AtLongLat. AtLongLat is surfaced to users and developers through a web portal. The 3rd party APIs are available on any platform that can perform URL requests.


Demo Instructions

You can demo AtLongLat using a test account. Login at with username demo and password demo. To fascilitate easy demoing, each of the following example implementations already has an account linked to this demo account at AtLongLat. If you really want to try the oauth for yourself, click the "Click here to register with AtLongLat" link on the example pages and follow the instructions. Here are some things you might try:

Editing Privacy Settings
The privacy pane, accessible from the navigation bar at the top of the page, will let you edit privacy settings for all registered applications. Try it in conjunction with the demo applications below.
View Your Location In a Third Party Application
You can use the demo third party client application ( to view your current location. Sign into the client application (it is a separate application from AtLongLat and thus has its own login), with username clientdemo and password demo. This account is linked to the demo account on AtLongLat. Notice that if you change privacy settings on the privacy pane in AtLongLat, they are reflected in the client app.
Enter Your Location from a Third Party Application
The Manual Source, located at, allows you to send location information to AtLongLat from a third party site. Go to the website and sign in with username sourcedemo and password demo. This account is already linked with the demo account on AtLongLat. If you send a new location using the Google maps widget, it will be updated on AtLongLat's server.
Sync With Twitter
There is a demo application showing the use of the AtLongLat and Twitter APIs, found at Sign in with username twitterdemo and password demo. The application has already been synced to link AtLongLat's Twitter Page with the demo user you are logged in as at AtLongLat. Try changing your location using the manual source, and then click sync on the Twitter Updater to see the location change on the Twitter account.