Aggregating Gift Registries
A CIS 400 Senior Design Project

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Aggregating Gift Registries

Elizabeth Schmutter

Faculty Advisor: Professor Zachary Ives


Gift registries take the guesswork out of gift-giving by enabling registrants to specify the items they wish to receive. However, purchasing a gift for someone who is registered at one or more retailers requires knowledge of which of the person’s gift registries actually contain items within some desired price range. Existing “universal gift registries” address this situation by allowing registrants to create a single, replacement registry at the universal gift registry’s website. The Gift Registry Aggregator has the added benefit of allowing users to keep registries at multiple third-party retailers. By utilizing a user-provided link to each gift registry, the aggregator automatically updates as the items are bought off the third-party site’s registry. The summarizing page allows the items to be grouped by store, by price, by user-supplied category, and alphabetically by name. Each item has a link to enable its purchase from the registry on the third-party site. The registrant can also add and delete items that are not associated with a third-party registry.