Fall '10 Progress Report Interview
As part of your progress report interview you should prepare a slide show summarizing your progress. The slide show should have the following outline:

  • Motivation, problem statement
  • Related work
  • Approach to problem
  • Accomplishments so far (progress of your project)
  • Plan and timeline for Spring 2011

You will have 15 minutes to present, and 15 minutes of each slot are reserved for questions. The slide-show need not be lengthy or complex (1-2 slides per bullet point will suffice).

Please submit a copy of your presentation to Blackboard prior to your slot in PDF FORMAT! Presentations will be run from a single computer to minimize slow-downs, cord-management, etc.

SIGN UP sheets are now available on Insup's door with the following availabilities:

  • Thu, Dec 16 10a-12 (4 slots)
  • Fri, Dec 17 10a-12, (4 slots), 2p-3 (2 slots)
  • Mon, Dec 20 10a-12 (4 slots), 2p-5 (6 slots)/li>

Sign up sooner rather than later!