Our research lies at the interface of engineering, physics, material science, and biology with the main themes of nanophotonics and nanotechnology. Nanophotonics, photonics on the nanometer scale, is one of the most exciting topics of current optics research. Diffraction limit of light need be overcome in order for us to investigate the optical properties of matter on the nanoscale. Plasmonics, due to the interaction of light with conduction electrons in a metal nanoparticle, offers confinement of light on the nanometer scale along with the enhancement of local electric fields. These properties make plasmonics crucial for nanooptics.


Contact information: Prof. Ertugrul Cubukcu

401 LRSM, 3231 Walnut St , University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6272

Email: cubukcu@seas.upenn.edu Phone: (215) 898-7975

Selected Publications:

  1. 1)Graphene-enabled silver nanoantenna sensors
    J. C. Reed, H. Zhu, A. Y. Zhu, C. Li, and E. Cubukcu
    Nano Letters, 12
    , 4090 (2012). [pdf]

  2. 2)Split ring resonator sensors for infrared detection of single molecular monolayers

    E. Cubukcu, S. Zhang, Y-S. Park, G. Bartal, and X. Zhang,

    Applied Physics Letters, 95, 043113 (2009). [ pdf ]

  1. 3)Aligned-Carbon-Nanotubes as Polarization Sensitive Molecular Near-field Detectors

    E. Cubukcu, F. Degirmenci, C. Kocabas, M. A. Zimmler, J. A. Rogers, and F. Capasso,

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106, 8 (2009). [ pdf ]

  1. 4)Plasmonic laser antenna

    E. Cubukcu, E. A. Kort, K. B. Crozier, and F. Capasso,

    Applied Physics Letters, 89, 093120 (2006). [ pdf ]

  1. 5)Photonic crystals as negative refractive materials

    E. Cubukcu, K. Aydin, S. Foteinopoulou, C. M. Soukoulis, and E. Ozbay,

    Nature, 423, 604 (2003). [ pdf ]

  1. 6)Subwavelength resolution in a two-dimensional photonic crystal based superlens

    E. Cubukcu, K. Aydin, S. Foteinopoulou, C. M. Soukoulis, and E. Ozbay,

    Physical Review Letters, 91, 207401 (2003). [ pdf ]

  1. 7)Coherent Coupling of Multiple Transverse Modes in Quantum Cascade Lasers

    N. Yu, L. Diehl, E. Cubukcu, D. Bour, S. Corzine,..., A. Belyanin, and F. Capasso,

    Physical Review Letters, 102, 013901 (2009). [ pdf ]

  1. 8)Raman injection laser

    M. Troccoli, A. Belyanin, F. Capasso, E. Cubukcu, D. L. Sivco, and A. Y. Cho,

    Nature, 433, 845 (2005). [ pdf ]