Bob DiMaiolo

Bob is a second year Master's student at Penn seeking to improve his knowledge of software engineering principles, learn new techniques and languages, and apply them to practical projects.


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Fall 2016 Work

Research Assistant
DeDOS: mitigating DDoS attacks with restructured software stacks

Teaching Assistant
CIS 573 Software Engineering: Designing and evaluating quality software


University of Pennsylvania
Department: Computer and Information Sciences
Program: Master of Science in Engineering in Embedded Systems
Expected Graduation: May 2017


CIS 573 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Developing quality software products in Java
CIS 501 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE Fundamentals of classical and modern processor design, simulator in Java
CIS 541 EMBEDDED SOFTWARE FOR LIFE-CRITICAL APPLICATIONS Formal methods, cyber-physical systems and real-time systems in C and C++
CIS 505 SOFTWARE SYSTEMS Distributed systems and applications in C, C++
CIS 550 DATABASE AND INFO SYSTEMS Advanced topics in databases
CIS 599 INDEPENDENT STUDY Software testing and fault localization using Java and Python
CIS 551 COMPUTER AND NETWORK SECURITY Fundamentals of cryptography, computer/network/protocol security
ESE 519 REAL TIME EMBEDDED SYSTEMS Modern applications of distributed wireless embedded systems
CIS 540 PRINCIPLES OF EMBEDDED COMPUTATIONModel-based design and analysis of computational elements and algorithms
CIS 700-003 BIG DATA ANALYTICSData collection, wrangling, scalable computation, and machine learning in Python with pandas, numpy, Apache Spark, TensorFlow

Duke University
Departments: Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Program: Bachelor of Science in Engineering in ECE and BME (dual major)
Graduated: May 2012

Academic Program Links
Penn EMBS. University of Pennsylvania Embedded Systems Program.
Duke ECE. Duke University Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.
Duke BME. Duke University Biomedical Engineering Department.