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Nucleus, Stem cells, Matrix:

Science 2013 

Minimal Self Peptide: Science 2013

Polymers and assembly.



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We are a diverse group of scientists & engineers with interests spanning molecular & cell biology and physics to polymer nano-engineering.

We are the lead Lab in a Cancer Physics Center, supported generously by the NIH's NCI (Nat'l Cancer Inst.).

Biological interests focus on the Nucleus, Cytoskeleton, & Stem Cell Differentiation together with Phagocytosis, Cell Membrane dynamics, and Extracellular Matrix.  These structures and processes are studied in contexts ranging from Physics of Cancer to Physics of Developmental, from short time scales (mechano-signaling) to long time scales (expression profiles, DNA repair, cell fates).

In Materials Biology & Drug/Gene Delivery, we develop and apply polymers in vivo as well as in vitro, from Block Copolymers for Self-Assembly/Nanoparticles (Polymersomes & Filomicelles) to Gels of Controlled MicroElasticity characterized by AFM among other physical tools. 

Methods & Materials constantly evolve in the Lab but vary from additional Nano/Micro physical tools and super-resolution fluroescence to recombinants & mutants, synthetic polymers & peptides, and molecular profiling.

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