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Nucleus, Stem cells, Matrix:

Science 2013 

Minimal Self Peptide: Science 2013

Scar in a dish: Nature Materials 2015




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We are a diverse group of scientists & engineers with interests spanning molecular & cell biology and physics to polymer nano-engineering. Former Students & Fellows have not only succeeded in producing & publishing original research in these topic areas but also moved onto positions in Academia and Industry (eg. Merck, Amgen, Genentech).  Honors attributable directly to these many efforts include:

- elected Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science (2015)

- elected Member of the National Academy of Medicine (2015)

- elected Member of the National Academy of Engineering (2012)

We are also the lead Lab in a new Cancer Physics Center, supported generously by a highly competitive 5-yr award from the NIH's NCI (Nat'l Cancer Inst.).

We focus on Differentiation & Stem Cells: Matrix, Cytoskeleton, Nucleus as well as Phagocytosis and Cell Membrane dynamics.  These structures and processes are studied in contexts ranging from Development to Cancer, from short time scales (mechano-signaling) to long time scales (expression profiles, DNA repair, cell fates).

In Materials Biology & Drug/Gene Delivery, we develop and apply polymers in vivo as well as in vitro, from Block Copolymers for Self-Assembly/Nanoparticles (Polymersomes & Filomicelles) to Gels of Controlled MicroElasticity characterized by AFM among other physical tools. 

Methods & Materials constantly evolve in the Lab but vary from additional Nano/Micro physical tools and super-resolution fluroescence to recombinants & mutants, synthetic polymers & peptides, and molecular profiling.

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