Prof. Dennis Discher
Biophysical Eng. and Nanobiopolymers Lab

Pseudo colored total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) image of a cell protrusion.

Amnon Buxboim

B.Sc. in Physics and Math, The Hebrew University, 1997
M.Sc. in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, The Hebrew University, 2001
Ph.D. in Physics, Weizmann Institute, 2007

email: amnonb 'at' sas upenn edu
phone: 215-898-4858

Current Research Interests

Stem cell biophysics, cell-matrix interactions, cell migration. Methods: Atomic force microscopy, microfabrication, TIRF microscopy.


Amnon Buxboim, Erez Geron, Ronen Alon, Roy Bar-Ziv. A Biochip Model of Lymphocyte Locomotion on Confined Chemokine Tracks (p NA). Small In press (2009) [Abstract]

Amnon Buxboim, Shirley S Daube, Roy Bar-Ziv. Ultra-dense synthetic gene brushes on a chip. Nano Letters 9:909:9131 (2009) [Abstract]

Amnon Buxboim, Shirley S Daube, Roy Bar-Ziv. Synthetic gene brushes: a structure-function relationship. Molecular Systems Biology 4:181 (2008) [Abstract] [pdf]

Amnon Buxboim, Maya Bar-Dagan, Veronica Frydman, David Zbaida, Margherita Morpurgo, Roy Bar-Ziv. A Single-Step Photolithographic Interface for Cell-Free Gene Expression and Active Biochips. Small 3:500-510 (2007) [Abstract] [pdf]

Amnon Buxboim and Avraham Schiller. Current characteristics of the single-electron transistor at the degeneracy point. Phys. Rev. B 67:165320 (2003) [Abstract] [pdf]


Roy Bar-Ziv, Margherita Morpurgo, Amnon Buxboim, Maya Bar-Dagan, Veronica Frydman, David Zbaida. Single-Step Platform for On-Chip Integration of Bio-Molecules. (WO/2006/064505)



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