Prof. Dennis Discher
Biophysical Eng. and Nanobiopolymers Lab

Pseudo colored total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) image of a cell protrusion.

Sharon Loverde

B.S. in Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2001
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, 2007

email: sloverde 'at' seas upenn edu
phone: 215-573-0990
ICMS, Institute for Computational Molecular Science, Temple University

Current Research Interests

dissipative particle dynamics, coarse-grained molecular simulations, polymer physics, polymer-drug interactions and solubility


Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NIH


S.M. Loverde, V. Ortiz, R.D. Kamien, M.L. Klein, and D.E. Discher. Budding and Breakup of Mixed Worm-like Micelles by Dissipative Particle Dynamics, Soft Matter (2010) DOI: 10.1039/b919581e

S. M. Loverde and M. Olvera de la Cruz. Asymmetric Charge Patterning on Surfaces and Interfaces: Formation of Hexagonal Domains. Journal of Chemical Physics 127 164707 (2007) [Abstract] [pdf]

S. M. Loverde, F. Solis, and M. Olvera de la Cruz. Charged Particles on Surfaces: Coexistence of Dilute Phases and Periodic Structures at Interfaces. Physical Review Letters 127 237802 (2007) [Abstract] [pdf]

S. M. Loverde, Y. S. Velichko, and M. Olvera de la Cruz. Competing Interactions in Two Dimensional Coulomb Systems: Surface Charge Heterogeneities in Co-assembled Cationic-Anionic Incompatible Mixtures. Journal of Chemical Physics 124 144702 (2006) [Abstract] [pdf]

S. M. Loverde, A. V. Ermoshkin, and M. Olvera de la Cruz. Monte Carlo Simulation of Reversibly Associating Ideal Chains. Journal of Polymer Science B 43:796-804 (2004) [Abstract] [pdf]

J. H. Carpenter, K. A. Dahmen, J. P. Sethna, G. Friedman, S. Loverde, and A. Vanderveld. Subloops, Barkhausen Noise, and Disorder Induced Critical Behavior Journal of Applied Physics 89:6799-6801(2001) [Abstract] [pdf]



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