My name is John Drake and I am a PhD computer science student at the University of Pennsylvania.

I am associated with the SIG graphics lab, though I have been working off-site for a couple of years under the guidance of my advisors Maxim Likhachev and Alla Safonova.

I previously graduated in May 2010 from the University of Pennsylvania's Digital Media Design undergraduate program.

Data plot
My research currently involves virtual worlds, artificial intelligence, and real-time acoustic simulation.

I could state my overarching research goal as one of making non-player-characters which behave more like humans do in virtual worlds, to serve there as better companions to humans.

I am currently focusing on the performance of real-time acoustic simulation and would like to evaluate its application to video game artificial intelligence, especially for game contexts involving stealth.

My 1989 GSX600F
Some of my hobbies include motorcycle maintenance and several forms of visual art. I especially enjoy 3d modeling and animation, but sometimes dabble in other things too!

I also like to read! I have recently treated myself to some literature on philosophy and religion.