My name is John Drake and I am a second-year PhD computer science candidate at the University of Pennsylvania.

I graduated in May 2010 from the University of Pennsylvania's Digital Media Design undergraduate program.

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I am currently working with on a research project involving planning and machine learning for video game non-player-characters.

My goal is to make non-player-characters which serve as quest companions for human players when no other humans are available or fill other roles in the game world.
My 1989 GSX600F
Some of my hobbies include:
  • Programming
  • Motorcycle maintenance
  • DIY electronics
  • 3d modeling and animation
  • Assorted artistic endeavors
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I also maintain a fleet of personal computers for contributing to distributed computing projects.

I currently hold #1 rank on UPenn's Folding@Home team and #1 rank on this SecondLife Folding@Home team.