project: Structured Prediction Cascades

I am co-organizing the NIPS 2010 workshop on Course-to-Fine Learning and Inference; this workshop focuses on projects like structured prediction cascades.

As part of the workshop, I am creating a Google Code repository to host an open-source implementation of the SC framework. You can download the code and the OCR dataset here:

project: Mixed Membership Matrix Factorization

Lester Mackey and I have now documented and open-sourced the M3F implementation used in the paper in a Google Code project.

The code is published under the MIT license so you are free to use it in your own projects, provided any copies of the original code include the license and author information. If you do use it in a paper, we'd appreciate it if you'd cite us and/or email us to give us a heads-up or to help with any troubleshooting of the code.

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