Course Description (Schedule)

Currently the course page is served on Blackboard and all enrolled students should login to access the course documents. The purpose of this page is to serve large files that would have put extra load on Blackboard servers.
Most of the following fies are > then 40 MB, in .wmv format. Broadband connection is recommended.


Videos from SEAS Competitions

It is interesting to see what SEAS seniors achieve in their final year projects, take a look at SEAS Competition 2010


Department Presentations

Computer and Information Science introduction by Norm Badler (video, .wmv, ) file


Bioengineering Department Presentation by Prof. Beth Winkelstein (video1, video2, wmv,)

Electrical and Systems Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering major presentation, by Dan Lee (video, wmv, )

Market and Social Systems Engineering
(video, wmv)

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

-A short movie on laser cutting machine in MEAM machine shop (approx 2.5 mins, high resolution, may require 300kb/sec connection)
-MEAM presentation by Mark Yim (video)

Material Science and Engineering
-MSE Presentation, Ritesh Agarwal

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
CBE presentation by Talid Sinno

Engineering Entrepreneurship Program presentation by Tom Cassel


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