Welcome, Haitham!
Posted October 3, 2013
Haitham Bon Ammar will be joining my research group and the GRASP lab in November. Welcome, Haitham!

Postdoctoral Research Position
Posted May 3, 2013; Edited October 2, 2013
I have an Opening for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Penn.
Update: Thank you for your interest, but the postdoc position has now been filled.

Congratulations, Paul!
Posted April 30, 2013
Paul Ruvolo will be leaving his postdoc to become an Assistant Professor at Olin College. Fantastic news!

I chaired the AAAI 2013 Spring Symposium on Lifelong Machine Learning
Posted April 3, 2013
In March 2013, I chaired the AAAI 2013 Spring Symposium on Lifelong Machine Learning. The symposium proceedings are available here through AAAI Press.

AAAI 2013 Paper Acceptance: Active Task Selection for Lifelong Learning
Posted March 30, 2013
Paul and I just had a paper accepted to AAAI 2013 on work enabling a lifelong learning agent to actively choose the next task to learn in order to maximize learning efficiency.

Call for AAAI 2013 Workshops Proposals
Posted March 15, 2013
I'm co-chairing the AAAI 2013 Workshop program along with Holger Hoos, and we're currently accepting proposals from anyone interested in running a AAAI workshop.

ICML 2013 Paper Acceptance: Efficient Lifelong Learning
Posted December 6, 2012
Paul and I just had a paper accepted to ICML 2013 on an efficient method for online multi-task learning in a lifelong learning setting. Our approach, known as ELLA, shows equivalent performance to batch multi-task learning methods with over a 1,000x speedup in learning all tasks. Most importantly, the computational complexity of the approach is independent of the number of tasks learned, enabling us to learn an individual new task with over 38,000x speedup.