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(a.k.a. goldfire on some sites)
photograph of Richard A. Eisenberg
I'm on the market!

I expect to graduate during the summer of 2016, and am currently looking for a job to start in the fall of 2016. The focus of my search is strongly skewed toward academia, but I am open to the possibility of an industry job if the fit is just right.

My CV, research statement, and teaching statement are online.

About Me

I am currently a PhD student focusing on programming languages in the Computer & Information Science department at the University of Pennsylvania. My advisor is Stephanie Weirich, and I also work closely with Simon Peyton Jones. I started working toward my degree in 2011.

My research aims to reduce the occurrence of bugs in computer code through enhanced static checks. I am interested in type systems and how they can help a programmer to avoid logical fallacies and erroneous programs. In particular, I believe that clever use of dependent types can encourage a programmer to write only correct code. A long-term goal of mine is to bring dependent types to a wider audience, both into industry and into education. On a more basic level, I also love the formalisms and proofs involved in programming language research!

The current focus of my research is on playing with the Haskell language and tinkering with its primary compiler, GHC. My immediate goal with GHC is to add dependent types to Haskell. See my dissertation proposal for more details.