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Outside Towne
Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Nano-optics, and Optical Nanocircuits

Far Field Subdiffraction Optical Microscopy (FSOM)

We are exploring the possibility of overcoming the diffraction limits for far-field imaging and optical microscopy by using plasmonic metamaterials for pre-magnification. In this method, the concept of metamaterial crystals with hyperbolic spatial dispersion is exploited in order to provide almost-diffraction-free propagation from objects with resolution higher than diffraction limitation. With a proper design of the layers, the “spots” at the output surface can be separated with a distance larger than a necessary resolution of a conventional optical microscope. Thus, the entire system can act as a scan-less optical microscope with beyond-diffraction-limit resolution.


For details regarding this image, please see, A A.Salandrino and N.Engheta, "Far-field subdiffraction optical microscopy using metamaterial crystals: Theory and simulations", Phys. Rev. B 74, 075103 (2006).