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Outside Towne
Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Nano-optics, and Optical Nanocircuits

Optical Nanoantennas, Nanoarrays, and "Photonic Wireless at Nanoscales"

We are studying several aspects of theory, design, and modeling of optical nanoantennas and nanoarrays, and exploring the possibility of transplanting some of the antenna concepts from the RF and microwave regimes into the nano-optical domains using the plasmonic phenomena. We have analyzed several optical nanoantenna concepts such as Yagi-Uda-type optical nanoarrays, "self-similar" optical nanoantennas, loading and tuning the nanoantenna radiation and scattering properties using the concept of optical lumped circuit elements, to name a few. These studies will lead us to the development of the concept of "Photonic Wireless at Nanoscales", providing a paradigm for connecting elements of nanoworlds together, and bridging the "nanoworlds" with the "macroworlds", using optical signals. Moreover, it will open doors to innovative potential applications such as "nanoscale spectrometers" for molecular spectroscopy and chemical and biological probing and sensing, and will allow complex nanoantenna designs with high efficiency for nanoscale detection.


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