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Outside Towne
Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Nano-optics, and Optical Nanocircuits

Plasmonic and Metamaterial Nanostructures

The anomalous localized resonances that metamaterials and plasmonic media support when interfaced with regular materials may be exploited to overcome some intrinsic diffractive limitations in guiding and radiating nanocomponents. We have proposed several solutions at optical, IR and radio frequencies that exploit these concepts to realize novel conception sub-diffractive or superdirective waveguides, cavities, lasers, scatterers and antennas.


For details regarding this image, please see, J. Li and N. Engheta, "Subwavelength plasmonic cavity resonator on a nanowire with periodic permittivity variation", Physical Review B., vol. 74, no. 11, 115125 (2006).