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Outside Towne

Physics and Reverse-Engineering of Polarization Vision in Nature, Biologically-Inspired Polarization Imaging and Sensing

Bio-Inspired Display of Polarization Information

It is known that human eyes are effectively polarization-blind. Therefore, in order to display the polarization information in an image, one may require exhibiting such information using other visual cues that are compatible with the human visual system and can be easily detectable by a human observer. Here, we present a technique for displaying polarization information in an image using coherently moving dots that are superimposed on the image. Our examples show that this technique would allow the image segments with polarization signals to “pop out” easily, which will lead to better target feature detection and visibility enhancement.


For details regarding this image, please see, K. Yemelyanov, M. Lo, E. Pugh, Jr., and N. Engheta, "Display of polarization information by coherently moving dots," Opt. Express 11, 1577-1584 (2003).