Welcome to the official website for the University of Pennsylvania's eMed Club. eMED is an engineering club for pre-med students and for engineers who are interested in the medical field. We hold events to share advice about the pre-med experience and to learn more about the medical profession.

Our club was founded in 2006 by an engineer who realized that there was a growing number of engineers who wished to enter into the medical field, yet no club to help them through the process. Thus, eMed was born. Since then, we have since then hosted numerous events geared towards helping all pre-med engineers with their path to medical school.

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The Board

Camilo Bermudez Noguera (2014)
Position: President
Camilo is from Bogota, Colombia. His interest in medicine is largely based in engineering and research, especially in computational analysis and bioimaging. Despite his interest in research, he sees his professional future as a balance between seeing patients and developing biomedical engineering.
Raina Dhir (2015)
Position: Vice President
Raina Dhir is sophomore in bioengineering, but her eventual interest lies in health care and medicine, utilizing bioengineering knowledge. If she's not in class or studying in the library, you'll find her busy with South Asia Society as the Cultural Chair, Engineering Student Activities Council, research, watching Pretty Little Liars and Friends, and shopping!
John Kim (2016)
Position: Professional Development Chair
John is a freshman in Bioengineering. His interest lies in developing affordable medical equipment that can be effective in the third world countries. His spare time is largely devoted to his Christian a capella group called Full Measure. When he isn't beatboxing or singing zho-noh-dohs, he is struggling in the weight room hoping to be as big as Michael or Bobby one day.
Bobby Kent (2015)
Position: Professional Development Chair
Bobby is a sophomore in bioengineering and plans to minor in chemistry. In his free time, he likes to read, watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, play Settlers of Catan, and rage. Aside from being involved in eMed, Bobby is a member of the Raj lab and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and is a cellist the Penn Baroque Ensemble. He hopes to someday be accepted into the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western and become a cardiac surgeon.
Scott Ritter (2010)
Position: Professional Development Advisor
Scott does Professional Development. In a sense, you might say he is Professional Development. He realizes that engineers and other experienced professionals who become physicians have great potential for improving medicine. Is the body not a biological machine after all? Scott hopes to spark your interest into thinking about how up-and-coming technologies, and your own ideas, can improve healthcare for the long term.
Isaac Lin (2015)
Position: External Affairs Chair
Isaac Lin is a sophomore in Bioengineering and has an interest in the ways the human body and its processes can be improved through scientific innovation. In his spare time, Isaac enjoys running in cool weather, improving his cooking skills and jamming to his guitar. Hailing from Canada, he is a huge fan of ice hockey and has spent his last summers in cowboy attire at the Calgary Stampede, as per Canadian tradition.
Michael Pintauro (2015)
Position: External Affairs Chair
Michael is a recent addition to the team and brings an invaluable inverse cohesive product for centralized bottom-line improvements. When not calculating pre-emptive non-volatile matrices, he writes realigned leading edge contingencies for up-sized 5th generation flexibility. Michael specializes in branding synergistic functionalities for leveraging innovative portals.
Shriram Sundararaman (2016)
Position: Community Outreach Chair
Shriram says he is from Washington, DC, but he is really from Northern Virginia. In his free time he likes to play basketball and hang out with his friends. He is a freshman in the Bioengineering program pursuing the Engineering Entrepreneurship minor as well. He is excited by the intersections of technology and biology for medical benefit and someday hopes to contribute to the field.
Leron Arama (2014)
Position: Community Outreach Chair
Leron is our beloved grass-roots analyzing moderator. Her speciality in distributed 3rd generation internet solutions and synergized composite circuits is second to none. While not sitting at her polarised regional service-desk, she helps maintain our customer-focused zero administration framework.
Nicole Xu (2014)
Position: Publicity Chair
Nicole is a junior in Bioengineering. Aside from interests in medicine and technology, she is a self-proclaimed Francophile and lover of fine cinema. Her most notable traits include laughing uncontrollably in elevators, wearing sparkles, singing and dancing to Taylor Swift, and obsessing over Doctor Who.
John Zeng (2016)
Position: Treasurer and Webmaster
John is a freshman majoring in Bioengineering from Solon, Ohio. In his free time, John enjoys travelling, playing guitar, and watching Kentucky basketball. In addition to eMed, John is also a part of the Government and Politics Association of UPenn as well as Penn Forensics. He hopes to practice medicine or further research in biomedical engineering one day.
Bianca Pham (2015)
Position: Social Media Chair and Secretary
Bianca is a sophomore in Network and Social Systems Engineering. She enjoys playing tennis and lacrosse in her free time. Her interests include making film documentaries, spending time with family and friends, and watching movies of her favorite actor, Alan Rickman! She hopes to create an interesting medical device some day.
Sushmitha Yarrabothula (2017)
Position: Freshman Representative
Sushmitha Yarrabothula is a freshman in Bioengineering from Hoover, AL. Besides engineering and medicine, her interests include spending time with family and friends, eating lemon-flavored desserts, and – true to her Southern nature – saying “y’all” excessively.
Elizabeth Kobe (2017)
Position: Freshman Representative
Elizabeth Kobe is a freshman in Bioengineering from Westlake, Ohio.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, rocking out on the drum set, running, and playing basketball.  In addition to eMED, Liz is a proud member of Penn's Crew Team.  One day she aspires to develop a medical device that changes many lives.