Welcome to Our 2015-2016 Board Members!

The Board

Darline Liu (2017)
Position: President
Darlina Liu is a junior in the College majoring in Biology. She was drawn to eMED because it melds two of her interests, technology and medicine, and highlights the importance of innovation in healthcare. Besides eMED, Darlina does fMRI research at the Communication Neuroscience Lab, day hosts for the Kite & Key Society, and enjoys good cooking, company, and conversation.
Scott Ritter (2010)
Position: Professional Development Advisor
Scott does Professional Development. In a sense, you might say he is Professional Development. He realizes that engineers and other experienced professionals who become physicians have great potential for improving medicine. Is the body not a biological machine after all? Scott hopes to spark your interest into thinking about how up-and-coming technologies, and your own ideas, can improve healthcare for the long term.
Alejandro Villasmill (2018)
Position: Professional Development Chair
Alejandro is a sophomore in Bioengineering whose interests lie in the intersection of medicine and technology. He has experience and hopes to one day contribute to the advancement/innovation of neuroprosthetics. In his spare time, Alejandro enjoys spending time with friends, eating different types of food, listening to electronic music, and playing volleyball/baseball.
Jessica Schwartz (2017)
Position: Professional Development Chair
Jessica Schwartz is a sophomore in Chemical and Bimolecular engineering, who is interested in the intersection of cellular and nano-scale engineering and clinical medicine. Outside of class, Jessica enjoys volunteering on MERT, teaching dance, playing piano, and watching obscure shows on Netflix.
Sushmitha Yarrabothula (2017)
Position: Treasurer
Sushmitha Yarrabothula is a junior in Bioengineering from Hoover, AL. Besides engineering and medicine, her interests include spending time with family and friends, eating lemon-flavored desserts, and – true to her Southern nature – saying “y’all” excessively.
Richard Adamovich-Zeitlin (2019)
Position: External Affairs Chair
Richard Adamovich-Zeitlin is a freshman in Bioengineering, and his interest lies in the combination of health care and engineering. Besides for classes, you can find Richard working at CHOP, building houses for Habitat for Humanity, or watching Mets/Jets games on TV.
Hayley Williamson (2017)
Position: External Affairs Chair
Hayley Williamson is a junior in bioengineering from Brighton, MI. She hopes to one day attend medical school and achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. In addition to eMED, Hayley is involved in the Society of Women Engineers. When she is not immersed in engineering life, Hayley enjoys going on long runs, spending time with friends, and exploring Philadelphia.
Jiyoung Song (2018)
Position: Community Outreach Chair
Jiyoung is a sophomore studying Bioengineering and Chemistry. He hopes to become a medical professor who both practices medicine and conducts research. In his free time, he enjoys surfing the net and listening to music. His favorite bands include Foster the People,OneRepublic, and Imagine Dragons.
Elizabeth Kobe (2017)
Position: Community Outreach Chair
Liz is a junior in Bioengineering from Cleveland, Ohio. In her free time, she loves spending time with family and friends, going to Trader Joe’s, exploring Philly by running, eating chocolate/peanut butter things, and playing spontaneous pickup basketball games (so hit her up!). She aspires to be a practicing physician in the future.  

Kathryn Khaw (2019)
Position: Publicity Chair
Kathryn is a freshman in Bioengineering. She is interested in health care and medicine, particularly medical devices. Her spare time is devoted to Penn's fencing team. When not in classes, Kathryn can be found at PAACH or catching up on much needed sleep.
Kelsey Friberg (2019)
Position: Freshman Representative
Kelsey is a freshman majoring in Bioengineeering from the DC area. Due to her interest in the intersection of medicine and technology, she hopes to one day work with surgical technology and other medical devices. When she isn't in class or studying, you can usually find her out on a run, listening to music, photoblogging, or trying out a new coffee shop.
Sarah Organ (2018)
Position: Webmaster
Sarah is a sophomore studying computer science interested in using techonlogy in the medical field. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sarah enjoys cheese and cold weather. But not actually cold weather. In her free time, Sarah enjoys dancing and sleeping.

If you have questions about the board positions, please e-mail Darlina Liu at darlina@sas.upenn.edu.

Warm regards,
The eMED Board