Digital Integrated Cicruits AND VLSI Fundamentals

Course: ESE570

Units: 1.0 CU
Terms: Spring
Next Offered: Spring 2017
When: TR 1:30-3pm
Where: Towne 321

Instructor: Tania Khanna (Moore 203E) (seas: taniak) (office hours: W 2-4:30pm and by appointment)
TA: Ryan Spicer (seas: rspicer) Office hours: M 3:30-5pm at Towne 321 W 12-1:30pm at LRSM 112B
Grader: Wanyun Yang (seas: wanyun)

Prerequisites: ESE 370 or equivalent. Undergraduate students need permission of instructor
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Catalog Level Description: The course explores the design aspects involved in the realization of CMOS integrated circuits/systems from device up to the register/subsystem level. It addresses major design methodologies with emphasis placed on structured full custom design. The course includes the study of the MOS device, critical interconnect and gate characteristics that determine the performance of VLSI circuits. It also includes CMOS logic design from transistor level schematic to layout for fabrication. Students will use state-of-the art CAD tools to verify designs and develop efficient circuit layouts.

Role and Objectives

Students will: