Soheil Eshghi
PhD Candidate - Electrical and Systems Engineering (University of Pennsylvania)
Due to Graduate in May 2015 - CV- Contact/Hire Me!


I am a Fourth-year PhD Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania's Electrical and Systems Engineering Department. I am honoured to be supervised by Professor Saswati Sarkar and Professor Santosh S. Venkatesh .

My thesis is on the optimal control of epidemics in the presence of heterogeneity. I am interested in seeing how a more granular view of the spread of an epidemic can help us to design better policies.

My expertise is in various optimization and modeling methods, but I love solving all sorts of problems!


July '15 (upcoming) - My paper, "Optimal Battery Pricing and Energy Management for Microgrids" (with Rakesh M. Patil), will be presented at ACC '15, Chicago, IL

March '15 - Our team, Schoogle, won the Penn Public Policy Challenge! Onwards to Nationals!

February '15 - My paper, "Visibility-Aware Optimal Contagion of Malware Epidemics" (with Santosh S. Venkatesh and Saswati Sarkar), was presented at ITA '15, La Jolla, CA

January '15 - Our team, Schoogle, made it into the Finals of the Penn Public Policy Challenge!

December '14 - I defended my proposal on the "Optimal Control of Epidemics in the Presence of Heterogeneity"! (December 14)

November '14 - I was chosen as the Co-Chair of the Penn Graduate Case Competition!


PhD Candidate
University of Pennsylvania
Electrical and Systems Engineering
GPA: 3.84/4

University of Pennsylvania
Electrical Engineering
GPA: 3.77/4

Sharif University of Technology
Electrical Engineering
GPA: 17.65/20

Selected Courses



Optimal Control, Dynamic Programming, Convex Optimization , Advanced Algorithms & Complexity,


Advanced Probability, Stochastic Processes, Random Process Models, Estimation & Detection,


Game Theory, Dynamic Games & Social Learning, Information Theory,


Distributed Dynamic Systems, Network Theory, Energy Infrastructure, Green Buildings



Linear Control, Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods, Engineering Maths, ODEs, Probability,


Speech Processing, Digital Signal Processing & Lab, Signals & Systems,


C++ Programming, Machine Language & Architecture, Microprocessors


Wireless Communication, Digital Communication & Lab, Traffic Control,


Power Systems Analysis, Electrical Machines (I, II, & Lab), Fields and Waves



Completed Penn Center for Teaching and Learning's (CTL) Course in College Teaching, a semester-long program.

Teaching Assistant for Fourier Analysis (ESE325), & Digital Signal Processing (ESE576)
I held recitations, office hours, posed and graded homework & exam problems and projects


Teaching Assistant for Computer Structure, Analog Circuits, Digital Logic, and Principles of EE,
Lab Assistant for Microprocessor Lab
I held recitations, supervised lab sessions, posed and graded homework & exam problems and projects

Selected Honors

  • 10/'10 - Offered Research Fellowship for PhD studies by the University of Pennsylvania

  • 10/'09 - Offered Unconditional Acceptance to Sharif University of Technology's MSc program in Electrical Engineering as an exceptional talent

  • 08/'06 - Iranian National Elite Foundation Scholarship

  • 06/'06 - Best combined result in the history of Iran's national university entrance exams:
    Azad Math-Physics: 1st/600k, National Foreign Languages: 1st/250k, National Math-Physics: 15th/400k



Optimal Control of Epidemics,
Influence, Learning, and Disagreement in Social Networks,
Management, Pricing, and Scheduling Policies for the Smartgrid

Research Internships:

Summer 2014
NEC Labs America
I devised optimal stochastic grid management policies.

Summer 2009
Iran Telecommunications Research Center
I worked on MIMO and random matrix theory.



  1. Eshghi, S., Khouzani, M., Sarkar, S., Venkatesh, S., "Optimal Patching in Clustered Epidemics of Malware", Accepted, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Networking, 2015

  2. Eshghi, S., Khouzani, M., Sarkar, S., Shroff, N., Venkatesh, S., "Optimal Energy-Aware DTN Epidemic Routing", Accepted, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 2015


  1. Eshghi, S., Patil, Rakesh M.,"Optimal Battery Pricing and Energy Management for Microgrids", To be presented at the American Control Conference (ACC), 2015

  2. Eshghi, S. , Sarkar, S., Venkatesh, S.S., "Visibility-Aware Contagion of Malware Epidemics", Presented at the IEEE Information Theory and Applications Workshop (ITA), San Diego, California, February 2015

  3. Khouzani, M., Eshghi, S., Sarkar, S., Venkatesh, S., "Optimal Patching in Clustered Epidemics of Malware", Presented at the IEEE Information Theory and Applications Workshop (ITA), San Diego, California, February 2012

  4. Khouzani, M., Eshghi, S., Sarkar, S., Shroff, N., Venkatesh, S., "Optimal Energy-Aware Epidemic Routing in DTNs", Presented at the ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (MobiHoc), Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, June 2012

Working Papers:

  1. Eshghi, S., Preciado, V., Sarkar, S., Venkatesh, S.S., "Optimal Control of Influence under Consensus Dynamics"

  2. Eshghi, S., Ghosh, A., Sarkar, S. , "Optimal Two-sided Markets in the Smartgrid"


Reviewer for:

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering
IEEE Communication Letters
ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems


IEEE, IEEE Control Systems Society, IEEE Communications Society

Consulting & Policy

Res Novae Partners, Consultant and Partner (2014-)
        We advised the CEO of a Penn Medicine bio-pharma startup on commercialization strategy. We were hired due to our performance in PGCC'14.

Penn Graduate Case Competition
    Co-Chair (2015)
        I am co-ordinating the logistics, advertising, client selection, and sponsorship of the competition.
    Finalist, Team Member (2014)
        We formulated an exit strategy for a Penn Medicine bio-pharma startup, leading to the above engagement.
    Third Place, Team Member (2012)
        We developed an entry strategy for the transdermal delivery of Fluasterone for diabetes.

Penn Public Policy Challenge
    Winner, Team Member (2014-2015)
        We are proposing an app front-end to the Philadelphia School District's inventory management system.
    Semifinalist, Team Member (2013-2014)
        We proposed an analytic app/website solution to connect students to mentors in Philadelphia high schools

STEP Consulting Engineers ,Market Research Intern (Summer 2008)
        I advised the CEO on the market for 4 fields, including pinch analysis, which led to their biggest contract in 5 years.

Penn Biotech Group (PBG), Penn Graduate Consulting Club(PGCC), & Penn Algorithmic Research Club Member


Computer Skills:

C/C++, MATLAB + Simulink (esp. CVX, GPOPS, and PROPT) , R ,
Assembly (x85, x51, PIC), Python, HTML, VHDL, Visual BASIC and PASCAL

MS Suite (Excel, Powerpoint, Word), LATEX, Beamer, Prezi, AutoCAD, GNU (Ubuntu), Windows

**** I am proficient in the skills in bold ****

Language Skills:

English (Fluent- iBT 117, GRE 800-640-4.5, CPE), Persian (Native),
Arabic (Basic), French (Basic)

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