Daniel Friedman

Undergraduate in the School of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics at the University of Pennsylvania:
Phone: +1 203 317 9113


I was born in Empangeni, South Africa, only to move to Israel two weeks later. At the age of six months, my family moved to Connecticut, where my parents continue to reside. Thoughout grade school, I was heavily active in both my town's music program and my personal invention projects. I am entering my fourth year at UPenn Engineering with work in both UPenn and Yale biomedical engineering programs.

Academic Interests

My two passions throughout life have always been engineering and medicine. Though a mechanical engineer and a physician seem to have very different jobs, biomedical engineering allows one to combine the two in a very useful fashion. Clinical time as a researcher allows one to see and understand what tools the field lacks while mechanical engineering experience provides one with the tools to fill in those gaps in the most efficiently innovative of ways.



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