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updated Feb '14

The above video is a collection of my select works. My resume can be downloaded from the button. Further details on each project can be seen below.


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Ishaan Singh

I'm in my last semester of Masters in Computer Graphics and Game Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. I have a particular interest in global illumination techniques, physically based simulations and GPU parallelization. I have primarily coded in C, C++, CUDA, GLSL and have experience with Python, MATLAB and HLSL.

My industry experience at EA Tiburon, Florida in the summer of 2013 and at Dreamworks Dedicated Unit, Bangalore (India) during the summer of 2011 has definitely left me wanting more. The chance to work at the edge of rendering realistic images as fast as possible is something I look forward to.

My other experience includes TA-ing for Computer Graphics in both undergraduate and graduate school (IIITH-Spring 2012, UPenn-Fall 2013), Computer Animation (UPenn-Fall 2013), Physically Based Animation (UPenn-Spring 2014) and Digital Image Processing (IIITH-Fall 2011). Apart from this, I was involved with research projects during my junior and senior year of undergrad as well as during my masters program.

I completed my Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from IIIT Hyderabad with an Hons in Computer Graphics, having worked closely with Dr. P J Narayanan in the Center for Visual Information Technology (CVIT). After two years in college, I wanted to join my experience in computer science with creating beautiful visuals.

Apart from programming, there are many interests I spend my time on. I've been playing music for almost 8 years having played with two bands during school and college. Along with music, I have recently started dancing as well in the Argentine Tango form. Keeping in line with the interest in visual art, photography is an interest I have cultivated over the past few years, especially in low light photography and low light portraiture. And lastly, having a penchant for desserts, I love experimenting with making cakes, mousses and others.

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I'm currently looking for a full time graphics programmer position starting this summer.

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  • ishaan3000_at_gmail_dot_com
  • (215) 601-3330
  • 4521 Spruce Street, Apt. 4
    Philadelphia, PA - 19139