Joseph Cappadona

Joseph Cappadona

Programmer, Athlete, Musician, Competitive Smasher, Poker Enthusiant, Cinephile, Photographer

About Me

Lynbrook High Schools Varsity Baseball 2014 I'm currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania. My primary major is computer science, but I'm also pursuing a double major in mathematics. I'm a total math nerd, and much of my free time is spent musing about math and philosophy. The rest of my free time consists of music, photography, sports, and Super Smash Bros Melee.

Work Experience

Mobile App Security Intern - The Mitre Corporation (Summer 2015)

I researched methods of estimating the amount of ARM assembly code covered during execution of iOS applications, and subsequently built a series of Python and Bash scripts to automate code coverage analysis and provide visual feedback of the results for further analysis.

Teaching Assistant, Python Programming - University of Pennsylvania (2014 - Present)

I hold weekly office hours to answer students' questions and give feedback on homework. I also have the responsibility of grading weekly homework assignments and helping design course materials.

Software Developer - Penn Labs (2014 - Present)

I design and build web and mobile applications to help the student body better utilize the various information and services available to them on campus. I primarily helped build the Penn Mobile iOS application. As of September, 2015 it is open-source.

Information Technology Assistant - University of Pennsylvania (2014 - 2015)

I provided tech support for students and faculty in Riepe College House at the University of Pennsylvania.

Online Grader - The Art of Problem Solving (2013 - 2014)

I graded and gave feedback on student homework problems ranging from Algebra I up through Calculus.

Research Assistant - Stony Brook University (Summer 2013)

I worked alongside graduate students in a materials science laboratory. I studied the effect that graphene nanoplatelets, carbon nanotubes, and copper microparticles have on the thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, and mechanical stability of polypropylene nanocomposites.

Latest Projects

project name

ThirdEye Technologies (2014 - Present)

I founded ThirdEye Technologies with two friends at PennApps X in the Fall of 2014. ThirdEye is an application that helps visually impaired individuals to identify everyday objects. We have recently incorporated as a non-profit and have releaded our Android, Glass, and iOS applications.

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Foodstruck (Winter 2015)

At PennApps Winter 2015, my friend and I developed an iOS application to make finding and ordering from food trucks in the Philadelphia area much more convenient. We provided an interface to view a food truck's menu, schedule an order for pickup with Twilio, and even order for delivery through Postmates.

project name

Tetris Remake (Fall 2014)

I remade Tetris from scratch for my final project as part of my Programming Languages and Techniques course in Fall 2014