Jack (John) Fischer, Professor


Ph.D, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Nuclear Science and Engineering, 1966

M.S., California Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, 1962

B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Mechanical Engineering, 1961




Hyun-Seok Kim, Post Doc.



Ph.D. KAIST, Materials Sci. & Eng., 2006

M.S. KAIST, Materials Sci. & Eng., 2002

B.S. Yonsei Univ., Ceramic Eng., 2000

Current research: Carbide-derived Carbons (CDC) for hydrogen storage materials.


Michelle Chen, Ph.D student



M.S., Univ of Chicago, Physics, 2002

B.S., Univ of Chicago, Physics, 1999


Current research: Thermopower of nanotubes/nanowires and sensor application



Jinyong Kim, Ph.D student



M.S., Seoul National Univ, Materials Sci. & Eng., 2003.

B.S., Seoul National Univ, Materials Sci. & Eng., 2001


Current research: Controlled growth and transport characteristics of GaN nanowire


Jonathan P Singer, Undergraduate student



Major: Materials. Sci. & Eng.

Current research: Hydrogen storage in porous carbide-derived-carbon (CDC) and multi-angle X-ray scattering





Dr. Csaba Guthy



Thermal Transport in SWNT-PMMA Composites and Individual 
GalliumNitride Nanowires
(2007), postdoc with Stephane Evoy at

University of Alberta

Dr. Chang-Yong Nam


Gallium Nitride Nanowires: Synthesis, Resonant Electromechanical

Properties, Ion Beam Disorder Effects on Contact Conduction, and

Heterojunction Fabrication (2007), postdoc with Chuck Black at

Brookhaven National Lab

Dr. Kumhyo Byon


The Synthesis and Properties of Silicon Nanowire Devices (2006),

Intel Hillsboro

Dr. Giovanna Laudisio

Post Doc

Worked on hydrogen storage in porous carbide derided carbon, 2005-2006

Dr. Wei Zhou


Structural and electronic properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes

in solutions, films, fibers and composites (2005), staff scientist at NIST


Mr. Douglas Tham


Defects, structure and properties of GaN nanowires and FIB-Pt/GaN

nanowire contacts: A transmission electron microscopy study (2005),

Ph.D student at Heath group, Caltech

Dr. Marc Llaguno







Thermal Transport in Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (2004), postdoc with

Arun Majumdar, U.C. Berkeley

Dr. Juraj Vavro


Transport Properties of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (2004), TMOS

in Slovakia

Dr. Norbert Nemes


Structural and Electronic Properties of Alkali Doped Single Walled

Carbon Nanotubes (2002), the Instituto de Ciencias Materiales de Madridin,

Madrid Spain

Dr. Zdenek Benes


Phonons in Ropes of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (2001), IBM,

Burlington VT.

Dr. Agnes Claye


Electrochemical and in situ Studies of the Insertion of Alkali Metals

in Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (2000), McKinsey & Company,

London UK

Dr. Andy Chu


Electrochemical AFM Studies of Surface Films on Carbon Anode

Materials (1998), Hughes Research Laboratory LLC, Malibu CA

Dr. Roland Lee


Structure and Electronic Transport Properties of Single-Wall Carbon

Nanotubes (1998), Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc., Houston TX