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I am Jiawei, a self-motivated software developer. I had just graduated from Purdue University with distinction honor and will start my Graduate studying at UPenn this Fall. I love developing Graphic Apps, Programs and Mobile Applications. Love music, karaoke and movies, there must be another world where I am a musician or artist!

jiawei AT upenn

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  • Elute Search Engine
    2014/2 - 2014/4

    Search is like elutiate, to get crucial and useful information from the sea of data on Internet. Java servlet and Java web crawler used.

  • D-Tunes Cloud Configuration Engine
    2013/5 - 2013/8

    D-Tunes is a web tool that helps application developers configure replication strategies for geo-distributed datastores like Cassandra which uses quorum-based protocols.

  • XINU Operating System
    2013/1 - 2013/5

    Xinu is a Unix-like operating system originally developed by Douglas Comer for instructional purposes at Purdue University in the 1980s.

  • Pichub Windows Phone App
    2012/11 - 2012/12

    Pichub is a photo sharing based windows phone social network application. Nice user-end front pages, excellent web server, and robust SQL database.

  • Cool Shell for Linux
    2012/7 - 2012/9

    The goal of this project is to build a shell interpreter like csh. Also I have added some cool functions apart from the origins and it works perfectly.

  • Cool Compiler for Linux
    2012/2 - 2012/5

    Compile C programs into assembly programs which machine understand. Procedure calls in assembly programs. Tested through many different cases.

  • HFT - High Frequency Trading Engine
    2012/1 - 2012/5

    In high-frequency trading (HFT), programs analyze market data to find and take advantage of trading opportunities that often only exist for a few seconds.

  • Centipede - An Arcade Game
    2011/10 - 2011/12

    A Java made graphic game which enable player to easily control a aircraft to hit the centipedes. Java GUI used.

  • IF - Interactive Finch Robot
    2011/9 - 2011/12

    IF is educational application for the programmable robot called Finch. IF can help students play and learn this finch robot.

Work Experience

  • SURF Summer Internship
    2013/5 - 2013/8

    I worked as a Research Assistant in the ISL(Internet System Lab) at Purdue ECE department during 2013 Summer. My mentor Shankar and I creatd D-Tunes which is a cloud datastore configuration engine. I learned Python web programming, EC2 environment, cloud strategies, and so on.

  • Inspire Database Programmer
    2012/8 - 2012/12

    Worked with post-docs help converting data from many databases. Learned SQL database, Excel programming.

  • Website Designer at Anda Inc.
    2012/5 - 2012/8

    Worked in team with many senior web developers. I helped design and program several functional parts of the website.

  • Being Awesome
    1992 - Forever

    Being awesome is and will be the most important work everyone should do!


  • University of Pennsylvania, Master
    2014- 2015

    Master in CGGT, computer graphics and game technology.

  • Purdue University, BS
    2011 - 2014

    Majoring in Computer Science, minor in Economics.

  • China Agricultural University, BE
    2009 - 2011

    Majoring in Electrical Engineering, won China National Scholarship.

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4111 Walnut Street Apt314,

Philadelphia, PA. 19104

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jiaweiw AT seas DOT upenn DOT edu

wangjiaweisdhr AT gmail DOT com

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