John Hewitt

I’m a 4th year undergraduate in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

News! I’ll be a Teaching Assistant for Penn’s CIS 530: Computational Linguistics under CCB in Spring 2018.

I work in the lab of Chris Callison-Burch. My research is in Natural Language Processing (NLP), focusing in machine translation, multilingual approaches, and settings with little training data. My work falls under the DARPA LORELEI program.

My interests lie in building systems that learn hidden structure in text using a combination of statistical models and linguistic intuition.

I am also a committer on Apache Joshua, an MT system written in Java.

You can find my work via my github profile.

If you’re interested in Penn, MT, NLP, or STWing, feel free to reach out.

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    I’m a computer nerd and a language nerd. I like making coffee, reading research papers, and programming computers.

    I am a huge proponent of Linux, and love Arch Linux in particular.

    I spent my first summer of research at the Center for Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University. I would highly reccomend undergraduates to apply to the Summer Reserach Experiences program there.


    Take my school email johnhew@seas.upenn

    Or take my Apache email johnhew@apache

    Either way, I’m expecting that you are able to predict the TLD of the above emails and fill them.

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