Li, Yan
A Software Engineer && User Experience Designer


My name is Yan Li, a Dual-Degree master student at University of Pennsylvania pursuing the M.S. in Computer and Information Technology (CIT) && M.S. in Electrical Engineering (EE). I am expected to graduate in May, 2015.

Having a grasp of the computer system at the bottom layer, now, I am stepping into the software side of the computer system and interested in the Web Development. Currently, I am a software engineer intern at Cvent, Inc.

Technical Skills:

  • Technology:Web Development, Data Structures, Ajax, Spring, REST, Git,JUnit, Database
  • Language   :Java, JavaScript ( jQuery,   AngularJS ), HTML, CSS, Python, SQL, C, Matlab
  • Software    :Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, Vim, Source Tree, Cadence, Protel, Lindo


  • Art     : Designing Websites, Playing the Piano, Music, Movie, Painting
  • Sport : Soccer (Fans of Guangzhou Evergrande FC), Swimming, Badminton