Junyi Li (Jessy)

Graduate Student
Natural Language Processing Group
Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania

Email: ljunyi AT seas.upenn.edu
Office: Levine 514


Hi there. I'm a second year PhD student at Penn's Computer and Information Science Department, advised by Prof. Ani Nenkova. My general research interest is Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I started in NLP exploring some extractive automatic summarization mechanisms such as ILP, search algorithms and greedy divergence methods. We are now looking into discourse understanding. Relations in-between text spans signals a lot about discourse and structure. For example, we looked at how to identify implicit relations by proper representations of the task on the lexical-based Penn Discourse Treebank.

I graduated from the University of Michigan with BSE in Computer Science Engineering and Shanghai Jiao Tong University with BE in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I was born in Shanghai, and here's my awesomely complicated name in Chinese: 李珺懿. I'd love to be called Jessy in casual occasions.


This semester, I am TAing Computational Linguistics (CIS430/530) for a second time.
I also TAed Programming Languages and Techniques I (CIS 120) in Spring 2011, and Introduction to Programming in 2009 when I was an undergrad.