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Welcome to MBach Wonders Why

Not much here, now; but that will change soon. Since you made it this far, though, let me tell you a couple of details. I am a part-time MCIT grad student who works full time in the Tech sector. My job takes me to far-off places; but I relish my time in Philly, with my family and here, at Penn.

My journey as a hacker is slow, but steady. I am fascinated by AI, enthralled with machine and deep learning, crazy about data science and allured by many other exciting areas of CS.

If you are curious about Computer Science at Penn, or if you are nuts about tech, drop me a note!
While this site is under construction, you can reach me here:
--> mbach at seas dot upenn dot edu
--> +1 717.610.0142

For more information about MCIT, click HERE

Thanks for stopping by.

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