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Who am I ?

Hi! My name is Madhur Behl.
I am a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
I was born on the "42"nd day ( See: Answer to the Ulitmate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything  ) of the year 1987 in the beautiful city of Chandigarh, India where I later attended Vivek High School. In 2005, I joined Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh and received my bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering. I came to the United States in 2009 to conduct research and pursue a doctorate degree.  

Outside of my work I enjoy astronomy, photography, playing chess, reading, playing the guitar and drums, soccer (Arsenal FC!), formula 1 and traveling (which is often included in my work !)

A picture of Madhur Behl
I shall never win the nobel prize cuz its the no-behl prize-An original Madhur Behl quote

You will be correct to assume that this picture is several years old. I look nothing like this in real life.


I conduct research on finding efficient and low cost solutions to problems of modeling, control, simulation, operation and implementation of Cyber Physical Systems. I specialize in control systems, real-time embedded systems, hybrid systems, machine learning and statistics. I work at the Real-Time and Embedded Sytems Lab (mLab) where I am advised by Prof. Rahul Mangharam. I am also affiliated with the PRECISE (Penn Research in Embedded Computing and Integerated Systems Engineering) center at UPenn.

Data driven modeling for buildings

Data-Driven CPS

Data-driven modeling, control and tools for cyber-physical energy systems.

MLE+ cosimulation toolbox


An open integerated toolbox for cosimulation between MATLAB and EnergyPlus

mod7 chiller plant at UPenn

Green Scheduling

A scalable and lightweight scheduling approach for peak power reduction in buildings.

Enroute the energy router


An energy router for peak power reduction in buildings.



NanoRK real time operating system on the mbed (ARM) microcontroller

Motionview pvt ltd

Gesture Control

Controlling DICOM (medical imaging) viewers with hand gestures.

Best Paper Award

I have won the best in session award(IoT Systems) at SRC TECHCON 2015 held in Austin, TX …

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Invited talk

I gave a talk at the IEEE Philadelphia Section Night on my research …

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Paper Accepted at BuildSys 2015

“Sometimes, Money Does Grow on Trees: Data-Driven Demand Response with DR-ADvisor“ has been accepted to …

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Feel that tingling sensation in your fingers ? It is the urge to contact me.
Reach me at: mbehl[AT]seas[dot]upenn[dot]edu

I play chess at Chess.com!
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