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CV      Contact: menglong AT cis.upenn.edu

I'm a PhD student in Computer Information Science, GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania, working with Kostas Daniilidis. My research interests are Computer Vision, Robotics and Machine Learning, specialized in object recognition, 3D pose estimation, human action recognition, visual SLAM and text recognition. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Fudan University in 2010 and a Master's degree in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012.


Active Deformable Part Models Inference,
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[PDF] / bibtex / video / project page]
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[PDF / bibtex / video / project page / action dataset]
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[PDF / bibtex / video]
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Method and System for Determining Poses of Vehicle-Mounted Cameras
for In-Road Obstacle Detection,
US 20140037136 A1.
M. Zhu, S. Ramalingam and Y. Taguchi, [Link]


15-class action dataset, frame-by-frame annotated human body joints.


Fast object recogition system, Active Deformable Part Models.
Video annotation tool for human joints, Amazon Mturk deployable.
3+1 Point pose estimation, involved in Google Project Tango.
Text detection and recognition, ROS package, PR2 deployable.
Fast A* planning algorithm with quadtree decomposition.
Light-weight distributed group communication framework.

Invited Talks

April 09, 2014, VASC Seminar at CMU