Mehdi Nikkhah


About me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Systems Engineering at University of Pennsylvania. My Ph.D. advisor is Dr. Roch Guerin. I received my B.Sc. from the Electrical Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology.

My research interests encompass anything related to Networks, from the Internet to social and economical networks. Collecting and Analyzing data is another area that I am interested in; that is why, in my first Ph.D. project, I collected/analyzed the largest dataset on IPv6 adoption by web sites, and IPv6 performance in web access (you can find it here). I am enthusiastic about Modeling real-world phenomena, and validating them using Big Data. I am also interested in Game Theory and its applications to network sciences. I have spent the last five years investigating how protocols and layered ecosystems evolve. IPv6 adoption was one of these protocols, but I have not limited myself to that and in an ongoing project, we are trying to understand the role of initial design in evolution of a general layered ecosystem.




Here, I post useful resources, mostly related to my own research.

IPv6 Adoption Monitoring Front-end
Pei Yan, a former student of my Ph.D. advisor, wrote a code to monitor IPv6 adoption by Websites. I have expanded this code throughout the years of my Ph.D. studies. The above link takes you to our webpage, which contains the data that we gathered over the last five years. This data composes a significant part of my Ph.D. thesis.

My Google Scholar Citation Page.

Map of the Internet.

Live tracker of total number of websites.