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On the Economic Viability of Network Architectures


This is a joint project of Prof. Roch Guerin and Prof. Kartik Hosanagar from the Wharton Business School, and Prof. Andrew Odlyzko and Prof. Zhi-Li Zhang from the University of Minnesota, which is funded by NSF under the FIND initiative (NSF grant CNS-0721610 (Penn), CNS-0721510 (UMN)). The project has three main thrust areas aimed at assessing the economic viability of new network architectures:

1. Investigate and quantify the potential benefits of key proposed architectural features such as virtualization, integration, and diversity;

2. Explore when and why the existence of a formidable incumbent (today’s Internet) can affect the emergence of new technologies;

3. Develop models that account for how the openness and flexibility of a network architecture can foster the adoption of new technology, and its ultimate success.

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