Michael Molisani

89 Ormont Road, Chatham, NJ - 07928
michael@molisani.us   (973) 975-2819

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
BSE, Computer Science (expected May 2016) GPA: 3.4/4.0


Languages: Java, Python, C/C++, JavaScript, SQL
Software: Git, Node.js, Qt, Gradle    Enviroments: Web, Android
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux (Ubuntu, OpenSUSE)


Product Quality Engineer Intern Summer 2015
Palantir Technologies Inc. Palo Alto, CA
12 week internship at Palantir Technologies at their main office in Palo Alto. Responsible for triaging engineering issues and debugging software problems, as well as designing and testing product features that addressed customer use cases. During internship, led the quality engineering of an internal re-write of a legacy project.

CIS 110 - Teaching Assistant Spring 2013 - Spring 2015
Computer Science Department, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
Primarily responsible for a single recitation of students. Students’ first line of defense for any questions or concerns.

  • Prepare and lead a weekly recitation of 15+ students
  • Hold weekly office hours in computer lab
  • Grade recitation homework and assist in staff-wide exam grading

Information Technology Advisor Manager Summer 2012 - Present
College House Computing, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
The IT Advisor Program provides IT support to the residents and staff of each college house. As of Summer 2013, promoted to the position of ITA Manager for the Fisher-Hassenfeld College House.

  • Responsible for hiring and training staff
  • Management of lab spaces, technical support cases, and payroll
  • Troubleshooting of house-wide networking issues and escalated technical cases

CIS 399 - Open Source Software Development - Chris Murphy Spring 2015
Course run through the Facebook Open Academy program. Involved learning about the history, legality, and best practices regarding open source software development. Final project was developing a new feature on an existing open source project.


WebSocket-based Local Multiplayer Game Framework Summer 2015
Developed game framework for local multiplayer party games. Uses Node.js backend with WebSockets for communication. First live game built on top of this framework is #sketchy, a drawing-based miscommunication game. Available to play here: gamenight.in/host

Mobile Application for Student Health Services Spring 2014
Android application for the University of Pennsylvania’s Student Health Service. Due to legal limitations of processing student’s medical records, the project used a custom MySQL database with an API written from scratch using PHP.

Jotto Game in Java Spring 2013
Developed logic-based word game in Java with a full Swing-based interface. Game has two primary modes: single-player against an adaptive computer player, or two-player over the internet (via TCP). Available for download here: seas.upenn.edu/~molisani/jotto.zip