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Multi-Domain Real-time Planning in Dynamic Environments

This paper presents a real-time planning framework for multi-character navigation ... [more]

SPREAD : Sound Propagation and Perception for Autonomous Agents in Dynamic Environments

The perception of sensory information and its impact on behavior is a fundamental component of being human ... [more]

Army Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance (RCTA)

The RCTA is a large, multi-year, multi-partner project to build effective, efficient, intelligent and collaborative human-robot teams. Our team plays two roles in this effort ... [more]

ADAPT: The Agent Development and Prototyping Testbed

We present ADAPT, a flexible platform for designing and authoring functional, purposeful human characters ... [more]

Efficient Motion Retrieval in Large Motion Databases

There has been a recent paradigm shift in the computer animation industry with an increasing use of pre-recorded motion for animating virtual characters. ... [more]

Authoring an Interactive, Functional, Purposeful Virtual Marketplace

We present our ongoing development of a virtual Middle Eastern marketplace ... [more]

Evaluation of Gesture-Based Controls for Robotic Systems

Robotic control systems are becoming more common, especially in the military, and there is a growing need for better control interfaces ... [more]

Bringing Games to Life: Physical and Theatrical Control of Actors in Games

We challenge the widely accepted cinematic-ludic model implemented in today's games ... [more]

A Behavior-Authoring Framework for Multiactor Simulations

There has been growing academic and industry interest in the behavioral animation of autonomous actors in virtual worlds ... [more]

Footstep Navigation for Dynamic Crowds

The majority of steering algorithms output only a force or velocity vector ... [more]

Large Steps in Benchmarking Steering Algorithms

Navigation and steering in complex dynamically changing environments is a challenging research problem ... [more]

Egocentric Affordance Fields in Pedestrian Simulation

We propose a general framework for local path-planning and steering ... [more]

A Modular Framework for Adaptive Agent-Based Steering

Next-generation steering algorithms will need to support thousands ... [more]

Full-Body Hybrid Motor Control For Reaching

We present a full-body motor control mechanism that generates coordinated and diverse motion ... [more]

Parallelized Incomplete Poisson Preconditioner in Cloth Simulation

Efficient cloth simulation is an important problem for interactive applications ... [more]

Situation Agents - Agent Based Externalized Steering Logic

We present a simple and intuitive method for encapsulating part of agents' steering and coordinating abilities ... [more]

SteerBench: A Benchmark Suite for Evaluating Steering Behaviors

One of the main problems with research in steering behaviors is that each paper demonstrates its results on its own focused set of scenarios ... [more]

SteerBug: An Interactive Framework for Specifying and Detecting Steering Behaviors

We propose an interactive framework for specifying and detecting steering behaviors ... [more]

SteerSuite: An Open Framework For Developing, Evaluating and Sharing Steering Algorithms

There are very few software frameworks for steering behaviors that are publicly available ... [more]

The One

'One' is an interactive piece consisting of a single drop of ink in a suspended petri dish and a large projection of the same drop ... [more]


A new genre of gaming, that exercises all the human senses to the fullest, for an all-new enriching gaming experience ... [more]