Play Pragbot 2.2



  • Two players take on the roles of Commander and Junior
  • The objective of this game is to rescue all the hostages and prevent any badguys from escaping.
  • Commander must stay alive at all costs in order to complete the objective.
  • The game ends if more than one badguy escapes



  • Commander will lose half of his health if he walks into a room with a bomb inside it.
  • The game will end if Commander has no more health.
  • Junior will slowly lose health when a badguy gets close.
  • Junior will be flipped and rendered immobile it has no more health.


  • Commander can rescue hostages by walking up to them.
  • Commander can destroy badguys by looking at them for several seconds. (Your reticle will turn red when on target)
  • Commander can unflip Junior by walking up to it.
  • Junior can defuse bombs by walking up to them.


  • The score on the bottom right will help you gauge your progress.
  • The following scoring system is representative of your priorities:

  • Destroying a badguy: +50
  • Defusing a bomb: +100
  • Rescuing a hostage: +250
  • Allowing a badguy to escape: -500
  • Commander injured by a bomb: -1000


  • Commander and Junior should communicate through the chat interface.
  • Pressing the ESC key toggles between chat mode and game mode.
  • Effective communication and coordination will be critical to the completion of your objective.


  • W - Move forwards
  • A - Move left
  • S - Move right
  • D - Move backwards
  • Left arrow key - Turn left
  • Right arrow key - Turn right
  • Mouse movement - Turn left or right
  • ESC key - Toggle chat mode


Exit Sign


  • The exit signs will show you where the badguys will attempt to escape to. Guard these positions well!
  • Decorations on the wall have no effect on the game itself, but you are encouraged to use them as reference points during communication.
  • The Command or Junior icon in the top right corner will remind you of your role.
  • If you were referred to here from Mechanical Turk, remember to copy the Game ID in the top right corner as your HIT response if you meet the given criteria.


Here is a sample screenshot of what to expect: