Filmetrics F40


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The Filmetrics F40 is used to measure the thickness and optical constants (n and k) of transparent thin films. The F40 attaches to a microscope’s c-mount fitting to provide a square measurement spot size as small as 1 micron. Measured films must be optically smooth and within the thickness range set by the system configuration requirements specified in the following Performance Specification. Commonly measured films include semiconductor process films such as oxides, nitrides, resists, and polysilicon, optical coatings such as hardness and anti-reflection coatings, flat panel display films such as polyimides, resist, and cell gaps, and the various coatings used in CD and DVD manufacture. Films that cannot be measured include very rough films and opaque films.

Performance Specification F40

* Material and microscope dependent
1 Using 5x objective.
2 1σ of 100 measurements of 1 μm SiO2-on-Si.Value is average of 1σ over 20 days.
3 2σ of daily average of 100 measurements of 1 μm SiO2-on-Si, measured over 20 days.