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Facility Access

Important Information Regarding WNF & QNF Orientation (updated 4/2/14)

Please be aware that WNF orientation has been discontinued.

A three-week orientation "blitz" for QNF (new facility) will be held for existing WNF and/or Elionix users beginning the week of 5/12/14.

Nanofab Staff's goal is to get all existing users oriented for QNF during this blitz (finalized schedule TBA). This will be the first of a 2-part orientation: part 1 = photolithography benches & spinners and general lab safety training; part 2 = wet processing benches training. Part 2 will take place once the wet processing bay is up and running.

New user orientation for QNF will begin on 6/4/14, as the normal, regularly scheduled orientation sessions resume (1x every 2 weeks).

Please note: existing users who miss the QNF "blitz" will lose access to both WNF & QNF until completing part 1 of QNF orientation.

If there are any pressing needs falling outside the scope of the information detailed above, they will be considered by Nanofab Staff on a case-by-case basis.

1. Obtaining and Maintaining Access

2. Using the Facility's Equipment

3. Senior Design, REU, and Summer Students

4. Visitors

Please contact the Facility director for additional information.