Explorer 14

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The Explorer-14 magnetron sputterer is equipped with three 3 inch-diameter targets that can be configured for confocal or parallel sputtering. Both metals and dielectrics can be deposited using the 1.2 kW DC power supply or the 600 W RF power supply; Prior to deposition, the samples can be cleaned in situ using the 600 W RF power supply. The temperature of the 12 inch-diameter rotatable sample holder can be controlled by a chiller (option not currently installed). The tool is fitted with a cryopump for reduced pump down times. Argon and oxygen are supplied.

The following targets are provided by the Facility:

The following materials are approved (6/11/2013) and are provided by users.


  1. The diameter of targets is 3".
  2. The maximum power which can be applied to 3" diameter target
  3. Since the Pt target is very expensive, please contact with Carpick, Agarwal and Gianola group members before use.
  4. Since a cathode special to magnetic targets is not installed, the thickness of magnetic targets must be 0.02" and the copper backing plate must be bonded with the thin target.
  5. When the Ag target is used, it is very important to cool down the target for 15-20 min in vacuum before venting the chamber. If not cooled properly, the oxides are difficult to remove with the aforementioned pre-sputtering step and the the user's film will not be homogeneous, or may not have good conductivity. Likewise, the user's substrate needs to remain in vacuum to prevent film oxidation.
  6. To avoid cross-contaminaiton by Ni2P, GeS, GeSe, GaS, and SiC,  the inside of the chamber is completely shielded.

Please contact Hiro if you are interested in sputtering other materials.