PVD75 Evaporator

PVD75 Click here to schedule training.

Please make training requests only when your need is imminent.

Be sure to include the following information with your request:

For operating instructions go to the nanofab wiki (PennKey required for login).

The PVD75 is an e-beam/thermal evaporator:

The tool uses a CTI-8F cryo pump for high vacuum pumping.

The following materials are approved:

Please contact Facility staff if the material you would like to evaporate is not listed above.

Nanofab does not provide materials, crucible, and evaporation boat for PVD75. So, you bring your sample, crucible (or boat), and materials, and you take them after deposition. The following is info on crucible and evaporation boat.

Kurt J. Lesker Company
Crucible: EVCFABEB-4
Boat: EVS20A015W