Trion ICP

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This is an inductively-coupled plasma (ICP) etcher. ICP etchers are superior to the parallel-plate RIE when it comes to deep, anisotropic etching because they can operate at lower pressures and denser plasmas can be created. The system has two RF generators; one used to generate the plasma (ICP generator) and another used to bias the substrate (RIE generator). The bias voltage at the substrate can be controlled more of less independently of the plasma density.

The tool is fitted with a chlorine chemistry; the following gases are available: Cl2, BCl3, CF4, SF6, Ar, and O2.

The following materials are typically etched: aluminum, aluminum nitride, silicon, and silicon oxide.

The tool uses a Pfeiffer TPH 261PC turbomolecular pump for high vacuum generation.

The temperature of the sample holder can be controlled (7 to 70 ºC) with a chiller.