Wafer Bonder

For operating instructions go to the nanofab wiki (PennKey required for login).

EVG510 Semi-automated Wafer Bonding System in WNF can be used to wafers in a controlled environment using heat and pressure.  The primary types of bonding (see the detail in Bonding Methods in nanofab wiki.  PennKey required) processes that can be completed are:

1. Direct bonding (Primarily Si, but glass, fused silica, and oxide materials as well)

2. Anodic bonding (typically Si-glass bonding)

3. Metal bonding (thermo-compression bonding of Au and Cu as well as solder bonding)

Note: Polymer and glass frit bondings are also possible in the tool, but will be considered on case-by-case basis because of potential contamination concerns.


Substrate size: WNF currently has tooling for bonding 4" diameter substrate/wafers.  Tooling for other substrate sizes can be purchased from EVG.  Piece/die bonding is not allowed with the 4" tooling as it can damage the tooling.
Bond Alignment: EVG620 is used if you require alignment between your wafers.

Maximum contact force: 10 kN

Maximum temperature: 550 ºC

Vacuum: ~0.1 mbar

Power supply for anodic bonding: 0-2000 V and 50 mA